Local Code was established in 2011 to publish content and knowledge with an emphasis on Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Visual Arts and Design. The long-term goal is to achieve international excellence in the dissemination of ideas about art, architecture and design that have a direct impact on local issues contributing to global change. Local Code’s mission is to understand past and present ideas, while projecting into the future. As carbon footprints leave deeper marks and travel costs outweigh the funding models Local Code will use online technology to allow for communication and exchange of ideas and research in an online space.

Local Code is interested in design and art that has a focus on its locale. If design and art responds to a locality (i.e. its specific context) and can be aggregated to show patterns or particular themes, the development of behaviors and cultural characteristics can be revealed. Through trends, codes may develop, not codes of conduct, but codes of inherent positive activity. Local Code, through understanding design and art production hopes to foster solutions to global issues through the intervention at local scales. Local Code wishes to produce, through the documentation of research activity, a diversity of solutions linked to inextricably large problems.