Perth to Paris: Spotlight – Garance Vallee

Perth to Paris: Spotlight – GARANCE VALLEE

This week I set my sights on taking a “virtual” seat with young Paris based architect and designer Garance Vallee a.k.a @RoyalGarance who I boldly dm’d to ask for an answer to a few of my burning questions on her career divergence. Perth and Paris are oceans apart, but through social media I was able to reach out to a successful creative like Vallee to share her story, which is why I am such an advocate for the amalgamation of social media activity with professional practice.
True to form, our dependence on instant gratification culture doesn’t come with tangible reliability. So,as I wait for her answers to appear in my inbox any day now, I’d like to look at Vallee’s creative body of work to see how she went from graduating with her masters in Architecture to amassing a following of 14,000 on Instagram as she shares he architecturally inspired objects.
Having grown up as the child of two artists Vallee’s creative habits were formed early whilst she grew up
in Paris. Later deciding to pursue Architecture as a formal discipline, Vallee obtained a master’s degree
in Architecture and Scenography. The young architect goes on to say that her early experiences involved
“…working in a creative environment since I was a kid. I grew up between my father’s studio and my mother’s artistic literary world. They are my first sources of inspiration. I owe my open-mindedness to them. They’re the ones who shaped my artistic eye. “1 

Interestingly, perusing a masters in Scenography- the “depiction and painting of theatrical scenery” allowed Garance to delve into the world of “small architecture” and objects where she prefers to work in the medium of concrete.2 This whimsical depiction of form, space and phenomenology stems from Gaston Bachelard’s writings in the “The Poetics of Space”.




“He focuses on the method of phenomenology and how it relates to architecture. It’s interesting because his findings are based on lived experience.”4 

If you’ve ever been brave enough to tackle “The Poetics of Space” you’ll be familiar with Gaston’s dissection of the human psyche in relation to architectural spaces like the attic and cellar. Gaston’s study of intimate areas within the home gives us an in-depth examination of how we experience familiar spaces, as well as the contents we introduce into our dwellings. Fast forward to 2018 Vallee, unlike Gaston implements a unique visual language through social media in her exploration of phenomenology, simultaneously introducing a new, more intimate understanding of human experience in space to her followers,


I would like to invoke in someone a way of discovering the architecture with their body with their senses and not only with their eyes and the aesthetic of a place.”5 


At 24, Vallee has been able to establish herself among a young breed of designers who blend their experience of academia with the social media landscape. She is cognisant of the implications of formal educationand is not quick to discredit what obtaining a degree means, “these studies are so useful. I am proud to be able to be an architect, to be able to build something concretely.” 




And she end’s with this sage advice,

“I’ve given myself the means. I’m working tirelessly. My lessons and my art; I juggle everything. I’m very determined because we all have to fight in order to do what we love. I don’t want to have any regrets, so I try and completely devote myself!.”6





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